EndNote FAQs

 What is EndNote?

EndNote is EndNote is a software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations and references. The software was developed by Clarivate Analytics and the latest version is EndNote X9. 

Is there a difference between the Student software and the standard software?

No, the software is identical except for the pricing.  In order to purchase at the student price you must be registered as a full- or part-time student with a valid student ID at the time of ordering.  You may be asked to provide proof of your student status at the time of purchase and if this cannot be provided the product key will be deactivated.  As the software licence is perpetual, you may continue to use it as long as you wish (even after you finish your studies). 

Is there a time limit for the software license or any further subscriptions to pay?

No.  Once you purchase an EndNote licence it is yours to keep with no time limits or subscriptions, and any future software upgrades are optional.

What is the price for the student software?

The pricing is shown in the Pricing and Purchase section of our website.

How do I buy the software?

You can purchase the software using our website, and payment is accepted using a credit/debit card or PayPal. 

Please contact us if you would like to enquire about making a purchase by Purchase Order.

What do I need in order to install the software?

You will need a computer with its own memory and processor, and Microsoft Word (click here for full system requirement details).  It is not possible to use the EndNote desktop software on a tablet or phone.

You will also need your unique Product Key and the relevant download links, which are both included in the automatic purchase email sent immediately after your transaction on our website.  If you haven’t received the email within a couple of minutes, please refer to your junk or spam email folder.  You can also find the links on our website - simply scroll down and expand the ‘Downloads (Free Trial and App)’ section).  It is very important for you to keep your Serial Number and Product Key information in a safe, secure place.

If I buy a license, can I install EndNote onto more than one computer?

Once you have purchased a licence you are permitted to install the software on up to three devices at any one time, for exclusive use by the end user/license holder.  If you uninstall it from one computer (or if the computer is irrevocably broken and the software is lost) then you may install it on another device, as long as you do not exceed three uses in total.  The software may not be shared with another person.

To install it on a different computer (or to reinstall it) you will need your original Product Key which you would have received when you first purchased your licence, and the relevant download link, which you will find on our website.  Just scroll down and expand the ‘Downloads (Free Trial and App)’ section.

I’ve lost my product key – how can I find it?

Your product key would have been sent to you by email if you purchased the Electronic Download software.  Try searching your emails using the words ‘Bilaney’, ‘EndNote’, or ‘Product Key.’  If you are unable to find your original email showing the key, we may be able to search our records for you.  However, please note we are not able to keep the key information permanently and may not have access to it. 

Note: If you purchased the boxed software and have lost your product key, we will not be able to recover it for you because the keys are printed on the inside of the boxed software case, which is sealed until opened by the licence holder.

If we are unable to assist, you may be able to recover your product key by contacting Clarivate Analytics, the makers of EndNote – click here for their support page.  If you have an EndNote Online account they may be able to get your product key from their records.  Even if you do not have an Online account, they may be able to find it using your 10-digit serial number (which is shown in your EndNote desktop programme when you open it, or under ‘Help’ – ‘About EndNote X9’). 

I have a previous version of EndNote – How can I upgrade?

You can purchase an upgrade to EndNote X9 on our website.  The upgrade price is a fixed rate for all users, as there is no student or other discount applicable.  You will need to enter the Product Key or Serial Number of your existing/previous version of EndNote in order to verify and install your upgrade.   

How do I backup or move my EndNote library?

We recommend that you always have a backup of your EndNote library just in case, and especially if you plan to make any changes or updates to your computer. Please click here for the full instructions on how to do this on the Clarivate Analytics website.

What is the difference between EndNote desktop software and EndNote Online?

EndNote is a reference management solution with both a desktop and online component which can be used independently or in combination. EndNote X8 and X9 users can synchronise all their references in one desktop library to their online library, and share the entire library with other EndNote X8 or X9 users.  The online library can contain an unlimited number of references and unlimited attachments. When you purchase an EndNote license you are automatically given access to EndNote Online for two years, after which time the online part will revert to EndNote Basic.  You may use EndNote Online if you do not have access to your computer(s) with the EndNote desktop programme. 

EndNote basic is a more limited reference management solution that is only available online, for those without an EndNote licence. EndNote basic users can create an online library with a maximum of 50,000 references and up to 2GB of attachments.

Can I try EndNote before buying a license?

Yes.  You can download a 30-day free trial using our website; just scroll down and expand the ‘Downloads (Free Trial and App)’ section.  If you do decide to purchase the full version during this time, you can activate it by clicking on ‘Help’ – ‘Activate EndNote’ and entering your Product Key.  If you do not purchase a license by the time the 30 days has passed, the software will just revert to a non-editable viewer, although you can still purchase and activate the full software after this time and your references and library will be retained.

EndNote is running slowly and it can’t find all my references; how can I resolve this?

The first thing to check is that your EndNote Library is correctly saved and accessible on your computer’s hard drive. EndNote libraries are made up of two parts: the .enl file and the .Data folder. These two parts must be kept together because both are needed for the library to work correctly.

EndNote libraries should be kept on your computer's hard drive. Storing and editing libraries on a network or remote drive can lead to corruption and performance issues. EndNote libraries should never be stored in cloud-syncing folders such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, SugarSync, etc. Syncing folders corrupt EndNote libraries over time.

I’ve changed my mind and no longer want to keep EndNote. Can I get a refund?

We are not able to offer a refund for purchases of software downloads.  Please refer to the Refunds policy in our Terms and Conditions.

Is EndNote compatible with my Mac?

EndNote X8 and X9 are compatible for use with both Windows and Mac computers. 

Note: When the next Apple OS – Catalina - is released in late 2019, only 64-bit programmes will be compatible.  Clarivate Analytics are currently working on a 64-bit update to EndNote X9 which will ensure compatibility on Mac computers and they expect this to be released in time for the new OS.

I am trying to install EndNote but the Product Key has not been accepted – what do I do?

The Product Key is a 25-figure alphanumeric code, separated into groups of five figures by hyphens, which would have been sent to you by email – along with the installation link - when you purchased your software license.  To install your software you will need to use the installation link and enter the Product Key exactly as shown when prompted, including all hyphens.  If you have used copy and paste and this does not work, please try typing in the code manually (and vice versa).  If this is not successful, please check that you have the correct installation link for your version of EndNote.

Important: If you are installing an Upgrade, you will need to enter your Product Key or Serial Number from your previous version of EndNote.


I am trying to install an EndNote Upgrade but the Product Key and/or Serial Number has not been accepted – what do I do?

If you are installing an Upgrade, you will need to enter your Product Key or Serial Number from your previous version of EndNote.  Your Serial Number is the 10-digit number shown in the pop-up information window when you open your EndNote desktop software.  You can also find it under ‘Help’ – ‘About EndNote’ in your desktop menu.  If you no longer have access to your original computer and/or original version of EndNote, you will need to contact whoever you purchased the software from.  If they are unable to find your Serial Number, you may be able to recover it by contacting Clarivate Analytics, the makers of EndNote. Please click here for their website.  If you have an EndNote Online account they may be able to get your Serial Number from their records. 

Can I buy the CD software instead of the download version?

Due to a decrease in demand we no longer hold any stock of the Student software CD. We do have a limited supply of the standard and upgrade software on CD but we have no plans to make any orders for the CD software at the moment.

Please note that there is no difference in the software itself, as all features and content are identical.  If you buy the Electronic Download version you will be sent your Product Key and installation link automatically by email upon successful completion of the transaction.  If you choose to buy the CD version (standard or upgrade only) your software will be sent by post within two working days in a DVD-case-sized box, with your Product Key printed on the inside.